Where are the mushrooms ?

After the scorching summer we have had here in the French alps, for  the last 2 days it hasn’t stopped raining, is Autumn here? If it stops and the sun comes out again, let us hope so, it will be exactly the right conditions for mushrooms and you will catch glimpses of French men darting into the woods to check on their secret mushroom locations.

Amanita. Not for eating, it is very poisonous

If you choose to do your own mushroom foraging, it is so important that you know what you are picking. Never eat a mushroom if you are not sure what it is. There are many books on the subject but also here in France you can take what you have picked to the local Pharmacy and they will tell you if you can eat them. This I would always recommend. Death by mushroom is not as uncommon as it should be!!

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